Matteo Natalucci

Matteo Natalucci is a reporter for Government Computing (part of GlobalData Public Sector) in London. Prior to that he was working in Brussels as a Policy and Partnership Building assistant for the United Nations liaison office to the EU. He has a MA in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King's College London and a BA in International Relations from Richmond the American International University.

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    7 Dec
  2. EU ministers reach agreement on 5G roadmap

    7 Dec
  3. Home Office wants advice from suppliers on strategic biometrics platform

    4 Dec
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    30 Nov
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    28 Nov
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    8 Nov
  7. Home Office pursues DOS route to find digital skills for new police database service

    1 Nov
  8. Home Office wants to use body-worn video for police interviews

    25 Oct
  9. EU agencies coalition wants to tackle security challenges of IoT

    24 Oct
  10. EU seeks help to improve its e-Translation solutions

    23 Oct