Matteo Natalucci

Matteo Natalucci is a reporter for Government Computing (part of GlobalData Public Sector) in London. Prior to that he was working in Brussels as a Policy and Partnership Building assistant for the United Nations liaison office to the EU. He has a MA in Geopolitics, Territory and Security from King's College London and a BA in International Relations from Richmond the American International University.

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  1. EU launches challenge to help 15 cities succeed in digital transformation

    20 Oct
  2. e-Government declaration helps European public administrations go digital

    6 Oct
  3. UK to sign Tallinn Declaration on e-Government tomorrow

    5 Oct
  4. New EU telecom code plans to make 5G spectrum-sharing easier and boost connectivity

    3 Oct
  5. EU to award grants to analyse and exploit complex public datasets

    2 Oct
  6. EU to present an e-Library of public procurement good practices

    21 Sep
  7. EU kicks off cyber and free flow of data framework

    20 Sep
  8. EU wants to tackle “data nationalism”

    18 Sep
  9. EU security chief: Europe faces a “cyber security skills gap”

    15 Sep
  10. EU to help fund wireless connectivity for local communities

    12 Sep