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Procorre consultants work assisting governments and their communication and technology partners to integrate and secure new technologies across a broad range of industries including:

In particular Procorre has a strong history and competency in international public sector telecoms and mobile network infrastructure projects including in the middle east and Nordic countries

Recently management of Big Data projects resulting from government data being unlocked are seeing some of the strongest growth and are becoming ever-more important for governments keen to monetise or promote an ‘open data’ culture and economy.

Europe also remains a destination of choice for IT consultants. The UK economy is strong, with one prediction by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) even suggesting that the UK economy will overtake Germany by 2028. France, Switzerland and Germany are all rich sources of new contracts, and multiple contract renewals are common, indicating strong demand for skilled consultants.


Good listening skills and the ability to effectively articulate complex concepts and system capabilities is critical to our success.
Our consultants are used to working in highly regulated public sector environments and supporting simultaneous projects.
We partner with senior public sector stakeholders to identify, interpret and evaluate opportunities and risks, and drive the project to achieve its goals and vision by providing:

  • Market intelligence
  • Strategic project management; driving, governing and co-ordinating projects
  • Financial analysis and project appraisals to assess viability
  • Identifying future trends that will have an impact on longer term strategic decisions
  • Design and delivery of business change

Our consultants provide the following services either supporting or running projects Governments in the UK and in over 100 countries around the world:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Data management
  • Cyber security

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Press Release

IT Public Sector Jobs Recover as They Now Account for 11% of All IT Consultancy Roles

This contrasts with 2012 when only 5% of new IT roles were created by central and local government.


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Press Release

13 April 2015

This contrasts with 2012 when only 5% of new IT roles were created by central and local government.

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13 April 2015

Technology workers make up 3.4% of UK workforce, compared to an average of just 2% for all of Europe.

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