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The State of Application Development, Local Government, 2019/2020

5 August 2019

Accelerating Digital Government With Low-Code Development

OutSystems: The State of Application Development Report 2018/19: Local Government

The 2018 State of Application Development Report, Local Government, examines the latest trends in software development for local government and compares them to those of other industries for insights on how agencies are adapting to the digital age. Whether it’s outdated legacy systems with slow processes or limited resources dedicated to IT, many local governments are struggling to provide the technical change their citizens expect. If your e-government, citizen services, or other digital transformation efforts are stuck in lengthening IT queues, you’re not alone. In this report, you can explore the strategies that agencies are using to leave the days of slow paper processes behind and equip their citizens with accessible, easy-to-use digital channels that prove that governments can benefit from a streamlined digital experience, too.

4 December 2018

OutSystems State of Application Development Report

22 June 2018

NHS Case Study

The NHS Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) needed an automated online patient booking system to deliver a fast, easy and confidential care service to doctors and trainees across England. In less than just 7 weeks, using OutSystems low-code development platform, they developed a new mobile app and a fully automated General Practitioner (GP) care system, which is now being rolled out to 85,000 health professionals countrywide. Read this case study to learn more.

21 March 2018

Worcestershire County Council ROI Case Study

Seeking to reduce costs and to provide better customer experience, Worcestershire County Council has transformed how it does business and will enable 100%of its citizen services to be accessed online. Through its portals, apps, workflows and processes, Nucleus (a leading provider of value-focused technology research and advice) found that by using OutSystems low-code platform to deliver its applications, they have reduced service costs by over £1.7 million across all departments, with an ROI of 442%. Read the case study to learn how Worcestershire is on its way to becoming a world-class council.

Why IT struggles with Digital Transformation and what to do about it

To win the digital transformation race, successful IT leaders need to overcome three immense challenges: massive backlogs, legacy debt, and scarce resources. And, at the same time, they need to embrace new methods that are better suited to fast-paced innovation. This eBook explores how you can adapt your organisation’s application development and delivery practices to deliver applications up to 10 times faster. You’ll learn how to enable more innovation and cope with uncertainty, improve agile adoption, architect more flexible integration, and deliver software faster, more reliably and with fewer errors. Download this action plan for digital transformation success.

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